Simple, sexy, super fast ASP.NET MVC5 photo gallery


  • Full source code (ASP.NET MVC5)
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  • No database required, comments are stored in "per folder plain text file", like Picasa (from Google) does. All image comments, photo gallery configuration, image sorting options, etc.. are there.
  • The photo gallery navigation tree structure is mapped to your file system structure (you can add folders to the ignore list though).
  • Quick, smart, keyboard based navigation.
  • Sign in with your Twitter and Facebook account. You don't have to configure anything, just set the administrators list. A user can delete his own comment up to 20 minutes after posting. An administrator can delete any comment any time.
  • Super-simple, super-fast (server side image thumbnail caching, ajax smart pre-fetching, etc.)
  • Full source code is included. Easy to extend and customize it to fit your needs.
  • EXIF reader.
  • Unit tested.
  • Elmah and reports error. Elmah error report access is restricted to the admin role.
  • The frontend has been built using clear, scoped AMD modules and Knockout.js bindings.
  • Email notifications when new comment is posted (using Postmark or you own service implementation).
  • Administrators can edit image information inline or upload new pictures..
  • You can easily create a per-folder custom page, just by dropping some html to a "custom.html" file on each folder (see examples).
  • Google Image SiteMap is automatically generated so the photo gallery can be fully indexed by Google (see what is a image sitemap)
  • Quick search "as you type".
  • It uses bootstrap. Just go to bootswatch and download a new theme or create your own. It is a simple drag and drop.
  • Per image Google Analytics events.