AJAX ASP Photo Gallery

Ajax Photo Gallery is a powerful, easy to customize and install ASP/ASP.NET based photo album software, created for people who want their pictures up and running in 5 minutes, without having to mess with databases, complex configuration options or features that they don’t really need or want.

It uses AJAX technology, there000fore, it is very fast and responsive (how can people use those galleries where you have to load the entire page every time you want to jump to the next picture?)
[new on version 2.0: the gallery is now even faster since it preloads in the background the following picture making it much faster to navigate]

You also don’t need to worry about folder hierarchy. The software reads your filesystem folders and subfolders, to create a fast and responsive javascript tree with that structure.

You can also enjoy many other features (see them all), like EXIF data reader, user comments, admin comments, smart picture pre-loading and caching, zip and download functionality, dynamic resizing, squared thumbnails (all those thumbnails are generated at real time by ASP.NET, and they also can be hard cached on disk, so don’t worry about performance)

Is better you see it in action, so have a look at the demo on a separate window, or in a 980px layerembedded in this page. More than that, if you think it can fit you, give it a try.

“If you don’t love it, you will get a full refund, no questions asked.”

Key FeaturesEasy to install, less than a minute: upload the photo gallery script to the IIS web server and drop your images using FTP into whatever folder/sub folders hierarchy.. that’s it!New, fast, fast, faster!, most responsive, framesless AJAX interface with thumbnail cache and smart pre-loading!!The software will automatically create a dynamic web photo gallery with the picture(s) found in the folders and subfolders specified, working in a recursive way.Integrated search engineDisplay “x” more recent commentsFast Javascript based tree interface to save round-trips to the serverVisitor may resize the original image (zoom in/zoom out). This is a real .NET GDI resizing, not a javascript one.Administrator can define comments for each picture by just dropping text files within the image directory.Visitors can add comments. Comments are automatically emailed to the administratorCreates real squared image thumbnails on the fly using an external ASP.NET file (no components involved). Note: requires .NET Framework installed. These thumbnails may be stored on disk so they are generated only once (hard caching)Layout configurable, located on an external file (see layout example – please download it and open it with notepad).EXIF addonRSS feedsZip and download functionalityPre caching next and previous images, for a much faster browsing experience.Alerts when new comments are postedEasy comment deletionYou can easily set up filters to ignore from rendering folders or files of your choice. Latest Releases26/Jan/2010 (v2.0) Major version release:FIXED (minor): Optimized cache generation for “next” and “previous” icons. Now the next and previous images are truly being cached while you are seeing a certain imageNEW (minor): Added a new demo folder called 2010/fish eye… with big image files so you can see the client cache in action1/Sept/08 (v2.0) Major version release:Embedded video playerSmart background image precachingkeyboard shortcut navigationeasy AJAX edition for author comentsimproved performance in thumbnail generation’Google like’ date formatZip and download functionalityread more about what’s new on v2.027/Sept/07 (v1.2.6) FIXED Email format using CDOSYS, ADDED image link to “Send to friend” functionality, CSS FIXES for IE 7, other minor changes, FIXED multiline comments.12/Jul/07 (v1.2.5) NEW: Code splitted for easier customization, added extra usability to image resizing, added verbouse output to thumbnail.aspx file, added example dynamic content to home page.01/Jul/07 (v1.2.4) NEW: Dynamic thumbnail resizing, improve image resizing, added send to friend addon to core and more… FIXED: thumbnail generation with file formats other than JPG04/Jun/07 (v1.2.3) Squared thumbnails!17/Apr/07 (v1.2.2) Improvements in hard thubmnail caching. Number of characters to display in thumbnail configurable.6/Apr/07 (v1.2.1) Minor fixes.19/Mar/07 (v1.2.0) New tab based layout. Hard thumbnail caching in hard drive to improve performance. Minor improvements.See detailed release history information here

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