Release History

v2.0.7 – 26 Jan 2010

  • FIXED (minor): Optimized cache generation for “next” and “previous” icons. Now the next and previous images are truly being cached while you are seeing a certain image
  • NEW (minor): Added a new demo folder called 2010/fish eye… with big image files so you can see the client cache in action

v2.0 – 1 Sept 08

  • FIXED (major): Fixed RSS feed so know it is displayed properly by using the integrated Firefox RSS reader (added title, link and description nodes)
  • NEW (major): Added cache functionality for the main folder treeview, increasing performance when the gallery has many folders.
  • NEW (major): Password protected addon integrated in core engine.
  • NEW (major): Embedded video player (relies on installed browser video players)
  • NEW (major): Added **background image precaching** for previous and next image so browsing pictures is even faster!!
  • NEW (major): Added next and previous thumbnail preview when you mouse over the navigation arrows.
  • NEW (major): Added keyboard shortcuts for common operations!!! (next picture, right picture, etc.)
  • NEW (major): Keyboard activated collapsible left panel so you have more space for the main image (also using a keyboard shortcut)!
  • NEW (major): Added multiple folder ignore filter capability – use “;” separator (Const cHideFoldersPattern=”ignorefilter1;ignorefilter2″)
  • NEW (major): Global authentication system has been created for common admin operations.
  • NEW (major): Added easy AJAX editor for author coments (have to login as administrator first)
  • NEW (major): Code refactored and separate include files created, so editing files is much more intuitive.
  • NEW (major – fixed): Improved thumbnail.aspx performance by avoiding loading images when they are in disk (hard cache) (thanks Matt)
  • NEW (major): ZIP and download functionality (zip and download the whole folder!!) using ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll
  • NEW (minor): Added a display for the number of comments made to a certain picture on “N recent comments page”
  • NEW (minor): Minimal icon and layout changes (icons credits: author:
  • NEW (minor): ‘Google like’ date format (“3 days and 3 hours ago” instead of “23/10/2007 15:34”)

1.2.6 – 27 September 2007

  • FIXED: Adding vertical scroll to thumbnail list (overflow) on IE 7 (
  • FIXED: Email format when using CDOSYS as email component (with CDONTS worked well).
  • NEW: Added link to image in “Send to Friend” functionality.
  • NEW: Link to current image added as text under the image (more usable).
  • FIXED: Fixed adding multilines comments.
  • FIXED: Issues with adding comment and send email to friend when you click on a folder (shows first picture of the folder) instead of clicking on the picture itself.
  • ADDED: Subjects for email notifications now include picture name or sender.

1.2.5 – 12 July 2007

  • CHANGED: Thumbnail.aspx modified to have a better, more verbose output in case of thumbnail generation error.
  • New: Added some examples of how to generate dynamic content on the home page.
  • New: Code has been splitted in three files for easier customization and configuration. Files: configuration.asp, functions.asp and index.asp
  • New: Added extra usability to the way the main image is resized.

1.2.4 – 1 July 2007

  • NEW: Added new testing features on testthumb.aspx so it is easier to diagnose thumbnail generation problems.
  • NEW: The software will remember which tab are you (exif, alerts, comments, send to friend, etc) across gallery navigation.
  • NEW: Added dynamic thumbnail resizing!
  • NEW: When accesing a new folder, thumbnais first picture found on the folder will be displayed in large, saving you one click (of course a custompage for that particular folder will overwrite this behaviour)
  • NEW: A “delete info” button has been added to the “send to friend” addon, soy you can clean an entry with just one click.
  • CHANGED: Improved how main image resizing is done. Future plans to control image resizing using the keyboard.
  • FIXED: Fixed issues related to thumbnail generation with files formats others than JPG.
  • FIXED: Comment size limitation.

1.2.3 – 4 June 2007

  • NEW: Squared thumbnails!!
  • FIXED: Problem showing main image in “original” size
  • NEW: File names under thumbnails always in lowercase

1.2.2 – 8 May 2007

  • FIXED: Bug introduced in number of pics per row.
  • NEW: Thumbnails are stored in cache with a better name convention (virtual path instead of physical path)
  • FIXED: Better checking for whatever a file is an image or not.
  • NEW: Number of characters to display on thumbnail name configurable.
  • NEW: Changed custom page addon extension to .asp so we can use server side custom pages.

1.2.1 – 23 April 2007

  • FIXED: Minor fixes.

1.2.0 – 17 March 2007

  • NEW: Thumbnail “hard caching” feature, so thumbnails can be automatically generated and stored on the hard drive, optimizacion resources for a high traffic web site.
  • NEW: Usability: Quick access to image resizing by using – and + arrows.
  • NEW: RSS functionality improved.
  • NEW: New tab based layout controlled by “mouse over events” for a quicker access to Comments, EXIF, send to friend, funcionalities…

1.1.4 – 20 Feb 2007

  • Alerts controls won’t show up if comments are disabled.
  • Also, “visitor comments” text won’t show up if comments are disabled.

1.1.0 – December 2006

  • First version with AJAX engine.

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