What’s new on version 2.0!

Previous and next image thumbnails

When the mouse hover the previous and next arrows, a thumbnail of previous or next image will be shown. That thumbnail is pre-cached when the page loads so it is automatically shown.

Zip and download functionality

If this option is activated, the user will be able to download the content of the selected folder on a ZIP file. 

Google like dates

You like how Google shows dates and times right? It is much easier to read “2 days ago” than “23/09/2008 12:30:44” isn’t? 

Keyboard shortcuts

Moving to the following picture is as easy as pressing the right arrow key! 

Collapsible left panel (using keyboard shortcut)

Clicking on key ‘l’ you can toggle left panel visibility! 

Smart author comments editor

Author has the ability to edit author comments by using a HTML editor. 

Support for videos

Video support has been included on this version. This functionality relies on having installed the plugin on your browser. 

See a complete list of new features and bug fixes here

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